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A new global program from Ocean Recovery Alliance

Our Story Starts with Ocean Recovery Alliance’s Published UN Environment (UNEP)-funded Report

Creating High-Impact Actions to Reduce Marine Litterwas a result of global stakeholders (nations, local governments, NGOs, industry, and civil society) being confronted with the challenges of plastic pollution, with not yet enough being done across communities to reduce its impacts. Even though a wide range of current Voluntary Commitments have been initiated, the study was meant to be a ”Wake-up Call” to all of use in order to improve the value and impact of the collective commitments being made.  The unique scorecard and toolkit we created by evaluating over 580 global commitments paves the way for stakeholders to make “Voluntary Commitments 2.0,” which bring more positive impacts to the communities they are meant to serve. Commitments For Plastic Pollution (CAPP), has now been established as a new global program under Ocean Recovery Alliance, helping to incubate and facilitate plastic pollution programs around the world – through student competitions


CAPP is in the business of taking a great project, and then providing the infrastructure to empower the world’s stakeholders to adapt, replicate and scale that good project in many other places. This model will be repeated with new stakeholders, programs and regions as CAPP’s facilitation expands. 

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